+91 9810027663

Why you should choose At Home?

We are an innovative
company with energetic and creative designers backed by an efficient production team.
  At Home understands how
critical it is for you to be able to work with suppliers you can rely on.

For years our international business partners have challenged us and pushed us to become the company we are now.

  In the current market scenario,
At Home understands the need for flexibility in the decision making process, as well as the need for shorter lead-times.

We promise to deliver high quality home furnishing products, made to specifications, always on time.

Relationships are important to us

India remains at the forefront
of design and creativity in the
home categories.

At Home embraces not only the traditional techniques of hand embroidery and traditionally woven fabrics but also the contemporary and minimalistic design of the day.


With an active design team, developing new fabrics, stitch techniques, and bringing surface to fabric, we add to the creativity that our clients expect from India.

We value our clients’ faith in us and, in turn, have forged long term partnerships with some of the top brands in the world.

We strive to bring you the most innovative designs, delivered
on time - every time; no matter where you are in the world.

Learn more about how we can work together by filling in the form below.
Please fill in your details and allow us to set up a meeting with you

Curtains Window Treatments
Quilts Kitchen & Accessories
Pillows & Cushions Other
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What can At Home deliver?

At Home designs and produces bedding, pillows, curtains,
decorative accessories, tabletop linens and much more.
- Basically, all of your soft textile categories.
Our most recent client list includes:


What makes At Home different from others?

Our team sets us apart from all the others. Having gained experience in the home furnishing business from the buyers’ point of view, At Home was created to provide the design and the quality of product that are now demanded in the international market.   And in doing so, we believe we offer a strong and competitive product line.


Have questions? We will be happy to answer!

I’m looking for new designs for my
next collection, can you help?
  Is your company too big for me?

Yes, from analyzing market trends to conceptualizing and creating new designs, we can take on your entire project. With a starting point or brief from your design team, we will source the right materials and techniques to handle the sampling and development process for you.

We bring you an unbeatable combination of a global perspective with the production know-how of converting an idea into a product.


No order is too small. We are working with some of the biggest home textile companies in the world but many started with just a sample order.

We believe in long term partnerships and regardless of the size of your company, we understand relationships build over time. We grow with your success.

How can we start to work together?

Businesses are based on personal relationships. The better the understanding we have of your products, the faster we can move towards converting concepts into reality.   Please fill us this form and we will promptly get back to you!about setting up an appointment at your offices or ours.
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